• RAC 111 - Aug. 20, 2015 For Services Business of Technical Nature
  • Weight & Balance: our personnel is authorized to dispatch and W&B Boeing 737-700/800, BOEING 767-200/300,EMBRAER RJ-190/145, AIRBUS A318,319,320. 
    Additionally we have modern equipment and portable type platforms certified and calibrated for laboratory certified by FAA (kelilabs.com), to calculate the new basis weights and calculating operational center of gravity of any aircraft and helicopter making a safe work fast and efficient.
  • ATC and DME systems: We have computerized test equipment, to carry out checks and certification systems Air Traffic Control (ATC), Distance Measurement Equipment (DME) aircraft.
  • PITOT and STATIC: We work with highest quality equipment, to perform the operational check, repair and certify the failures of the system during the operation of instruments and equipment of the aircraft. Our staff is fully trained and certified for the use of our team, specialized in the area of avionics.
  • Aircraft dispatch. We have complied with all aspects required by the ICAO and local Civil Aviation requirements, we are authorized to dispatch aircrafts.
  • Foreign Repair Station: We perform maintenance activities and repair of aircraft according to the ratings issued by the Civil Aviation Authority (valid for Chile).
  • Security Services: the only one provider with both certificates, legal and operating, authorized to provide:
    • Cargo compartment security
    • Transport of baggage security
    • Transport of cargo security
    • Remain Over Night RON security
    • Ramp security
    • X ray inspection services