Our service starts long before the aircraft leaves for departure; our support begins from the moment you contact us, from there on we are with you all the way. 
We guarantee that all required matters and proceedings will always be ready for you. From overflying and landing permits, pilot briefing and coordination, company, third parties; to passenger and pilot escort through customs and immigration, amongst other things. 

Flight Coordination

  • Overflight and Landing Permits
  • Fueling Coordination (Jet A and Avgas)
  • Weather Briefing information
  • Full assistance to flght crew
  • 24/7 Customs and Immigration Clearance
  • Management of Visas
  • Slot Coordination
  • Calculation and payment of Airport usage rights

Ground Handling
  • Ramp Service for any type of aircraft from Boeing 747 to executive aviation
  • GPU available for any type of aircraft
  • Aircraft cleaning.
  • Fast Turn Around
  • International Trash Disposal

Aircraft Security
  • Counter, aircraft, baggage and cargo security
  • X ray screening services
  • Overnight security
  • Only ones with DGAC authorization for security services